About us

We love science. We also love games. And one day, we realised that the two are connected. The best games invite you into their world and say 'these are the rules: what can you discover?'

We want to invite you into our games, so you can discover the natural world.

Science: Gamed was founded with one goal in mind: to inspire people with science, through games. We want people to be able to find out about both fundamental, established scientific principles and cutting edge research by having fun playing a game, without any prior knowledge required.

But our games are built for everyone. If you're not a science nerd yet, we'll turn you into one. Promise.

Rich Chatwin

Started his gaming career over two decades ago with Eye of the Beholder. He studied Biology and Science Communication at Imperial College, London and worked in IT at Tesco.com. Rich is the 'science nerd' behind the operation and also principal game designer.

Rich Harris

First wrote a game aged five on an Acorn Archimedes using BBC BASIC V. Rich (the other Rich) is a philosophy graduate from UCL who geeks out over open source software and web standards, and serves as the lead developer.