Pacifying violent monkeys

Stumptail monkeys - the good guys. Image courtesy of PLOS Biology, CC BY 2.5

One of the monkey species featured in Monkey Panic, Rhesus monkeys (Macaca mulatta) are notoriously quarrelsome and violent, with many different vocal signals for aggressive situations 1.

But have you read about an experiment where they were placed with the calmer and more tolerant stumptail monkeys (M. arctoides). Being mixed with these calmer monkeys had a notable effect on the aggressive Rhesus monkeys, even after the calm stumptail monkeys were removed.

Read more about the experiment here.

[1] Lindburg DG. (1971) "The rhesus monkey in north India : an ecological and behavioral study". In: Rosenblum LA, editor. Primate behavior: developments in field and laboratory research, Volume 2. New York : Academic Pr. pp 1-106.