Polishing Time!

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We're on the home stretch now. This is a very exciting time for me – I’m currently working on the polishing SORS so that it’s ready to release to the world.

It’s easy when you get to this point to see why people say that you could spend a whole year polishing a game. I’ve resisted the urge to add in new features or anything crazy, and so far polishing is going well.

One of the reasons I’ve been able to resist scope creep is that I have a clear idea in my head what the finished game needs to be, and I’m careful to make sure that anything new adds to this vision, and is not just ‘junk’ to inflate the size of the game. Everything has a purpose in the game as a whole.

Here are some examples of tiny little things that have now been added, all to make the game better to play!

1. New emails message

Because clicking through to find any new ones you missed is just annoying!

The new welcome messageThe new welcome message

2. Deciding on Fonts

I’m 99% sure this’ll be the final font in the game. It’s ShareTech-Regular made by the talented folk at lettersoup (http://www.lettersoup.de/). I think it looks awesome! (And very readable)

The new fontThe new font

3. More meaningful choices

More choice emails have been added. This means players get more opportunities to make choices about who they trust, and what upgrades to get

More important choices!More important choices!

When this polishing is done, which should be any day now, I’ll post another update about the final release plan. I think we’re going to try a small, non-publicised ‘soft launch’ of the game at a reduced price for those in the know (ie: those who follow us!) as a thank you, and also to ensure we catch any issues early.

Stay tuned & thanks for reading


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