Our first review!

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Our first fully fledged review has been done by the good people over at Nivel Oculto and we’re thrilled to announce to they’ve given SORS a ‘Recommended’ badge which is their highest distinction!

Reviewer Javier German writes:

“SORS ends up being an original game…it is also fun and intriguing and, above all, able to immerse the player in the experience.”

Check out the full review (it’s in Spanish, but Google translate does a pretty good job).

On a personal note, I’m so happy that game is getting positive feedback! It’s been a wild journey over the past year (and there’s still hard work to do), but reading kind words about the game makes those long days, those tough days and those impossible days of dev all worthwhile.

(If you like the sound of the SORS, please consider buying it. We’re currently making tweaks to the game for its final steam release. Everyone who buys it now will get a steam key too! You can see where to buy it on the SORS website)

The Nivel Oculto Recommended Badge is ours!